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WEBPESO - Digital peso for the digital age


The WEBPESO (WPHP) token is a full-reserve stable cryptocurrency that is built on the blockchain network, backed by Fiat and Cryptocurrencies. Collateralized 1 : 1 (1 WPHP = 1 PHP), secure and compatible with ERC-20 token standards, with a vision to enhance the access of any individual to the decentralized and peer-to-peer (P2P) global financial network through the use of its price stable cryptographic token. The WEBPESO (WPHP) tokens can be created (minted) at the time of deposit, issued upon identity verification, redeemed (burned) for fiat money.

Any currency carries within three essential functions; store of value, medium of exchange and a unit of account. Satisfying all of the said functions makes the WEBPESO (WPHP) token applicable for multiple use cases. The wide adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies has been extended through well established local and global crypto exchanges. The primary use case for the WEBPESO (WPHP) token is the ability to offer convenient on-ramp and off-ramp solutions for exchanges to combat high volatility in cryptocurrency markets. In this respect, the WEBPESO (WPHP) token permits the transaction of crypto to fiat trades which is critical especially during periods of market decline.

Superior to the legacy financial system, stablecoins present no risk of chargebacks. The transparent nature of WEBPESO (WPHP) underlying technology allows it to be trackable by the public; a feature particularly valuable for financial, charitable and governmental organizations. All transactions involving the WEBPESO (WPHP) token will be governed by smart contracts to ensure the security of the network.

The vision of raising awareness on blockchain technology and establishing a connection from the traditional financial system to the decentralized internet of tomorrow.

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The WEBPESO (WPHP) token is a full-reserve stable cryptocurrency built on the blockchain network.